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G8 of philosphy

“There are summits of politicians, climate scientists and physicists, so why not organise a summit of philosophers?”
– Daan Roovers, Editor-in-Chief Filosofie Magazine

Filosofie Magazine, broadcasting foundation Human and developmental organisation Hivos organise the G8 of Philosophy on Friday the 18th of April 2014. Peter Sloterdijk, John Gray, Chantal Mouffe, Zygmunt Bauman, Benjamin Barber, Markus Gabriel and Damon Young will participate in this public philosophical summit in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The last philosopher to complete the G8 will be announced soon.

The large group of people that have invested in the G8 of Philosophy have made it possible for us to organise this ambitious event. Without your support and vote it would not have been possible: a summit of thinkers addressing the important challenges of our time. About sustainable development in economics, an open and transparent society, individualisation and ethics, (medical) technological developments and much more. Because these topics deserve more intellectual reflection than they receive today.

The eight keynote speakers all have the possibility to submit their own theme’s for discussion. Next to that Filosofie Magazine and Vrij Nederland have collected questions in the fields of education, sustainability, healthcare, government and more. These questions function as a foundation for the evening: The aim of the G8 is to fight societal and ethical conflicts of our time with the power of thought. We challenge the philosophers to take The Netherlands as a case study. Where do we stand now? And what should we do next? However, since many of these problems transgress national borders, we will be able to export the solutions to different parts of the world. We hope to start real sustainable development based on philosophical reflection. 

‘Progress’ will be an important overall theme during the G8. Technological progress, scientific progress, economical progress. But what does ‘progress’ mean and should we always pursue this so called ‘progress’? Not only concrete questions will be addressed, fundamental concepts like ‘value’ and ‘utility’ will also be discussed. The philosophical summit not only tries to find answers, but it also hopes to make room for criticism. With this in mind the philosophers together focus on the future. What is the role of education? In what way are man and technology related? How will the future of democracy be?

In sum, on the 18th of April de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam will be changed into a centre of ideas. Visitors are most welcome at this summit: Ticket sales have already started. Investors receive a 8 euro discount. By becoming a member of Human you can still become an investor.

G8 of Philosophy
Friday 18th of April
Beurs van Berlage
19.00 – 01.00